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May 05, 2005



We've been usinf AspectWerkz's runtime loading for home-grown performance monitoring tool. We even have nice web-based UI for real-time monitoring of J2EE application running on Weblogic. I've posted screenshot from that UI about a year ago.

If you are interested, I can check if we will be able to contribute this.

By the way, can you give more details about that BEA patch? Is it patch for Eclipse or for JRockit itself? What I should be asking for when I'll talk to BEA? :-)

Ron Bodkin

Hi Eugene,

I'm interested to learn more about your profiling tool using AspectWerkz...

BEA recently posted JRockit 5.0 SP1, which contains the patch I referenced. It's available at

When I checked previously, BEA was only supplying it to customers as a hotfix. I have updated this blog entry to reflect the new information.

Nearchos Paspallis

Hi Ron, I would like to ask if you could point me to some sample code illustrating how load-time weaving is achieved. I am new in AOP and I am trying to achieve something I believe is fairly simple:
'log specific method entry and exit events of newly loaded classes, that implement a specific (well known) interface'.

Ron Bodkin

Hi Nearchos,

Naturally it's fairly easy to log method entry & exit, and AspectJ makes it easy to do this for types that implement an interface. But what do you mean "of newly loaded classes"? When is a class new?

Are you seeking help on writing the logging with AspectJ or configuring it for load-time weaving (or both)?


How about JBoss 4.2 Application Server, can Load Time Weaving with AspectJ 5 ?

If so can you point me to the resources.


Ron Bodkin

Hi Rakesh,

A colleague and a user of the Glassbox inspector have both successfully used AspectJ load-time weaving with the JBoss 4.x application server. It should work fine with a Java 5 VM, or using the techniques Alex has blogged about for 1.3 or 1.4 VM's. AspectJ and JBoss AOP don't know about each other, though for many uses it's fine to let one run after the other...

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